It's a milestone year. It's when your AACAP was founded.

This is another milestone year. It's AACAP's 60th birthday.

1953 Society

AACAP 25th Founder’s Anniversary, Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA, 1978

Pictured: Top, l-r: Joseph Weinreb, M.D.; Frank J. Curran, M.D.; Edward D. Greenwood, M.D.; Oscar B. Markey, M.D.; Stella Chess, M.D. Bottom, l-r: Viola W. Bernard, M.D.; S. Spafford Ackerly, M.D.; Eveoleen N. Rexford, M.D.; George E Gardner, M.D.; Othilda Krug, M.D.; Maurice R. Friend, M.D.

In tribute to the 90 pioneers and visionaries who organized as the American Academy of Child Psychiatry (11 of them pictured above), and elected its first officers February 25, 1953, the Development Department has established the 1953 Society, in celebration of AACAP's 60th Anniversary.

The 1953 Society is AACAP's program for honoring and thanking members and friends of AACAP who have arranged a bequest or estate gift to the Academy.

Anyone who notifies AACAP that the Academy is named as the beneficiary of a gift through his or her will, or through an estate gift during his or her lifetime is automatically enrolled as a member of the Society.

The 1953 Society gratefully acknowledges benefactors whose bequests and estate gifts to the Academy demonstrate that the future of AACAP was close to their hearts.

Please call the Office of Development to discuss how you can become a member of the 1953 Society. If you have already named AACAP as a beneficiary of a bequest or estate gift, please fill out the 1953 Society donor intention form so that we can welcome you as a member.

Members of the 1953 Society receive certain benefits. Learn about them here.

For examples of bequests and estate gifts, click here.

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