Ethics and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Ethics is important in all aspects of child and adolescent psychiatry (CAP). This website provides educational resources for clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators and others who might be interested in ethical questions related to CAP.

  1. AACAP and Ethics - AACAP ethics documents
  2. Training and Education - Ethical issues in CAP education for medical students, residents and fellows (including webinars)
  3. Clinical Practice - Ethical issues in the clinical practice of CAP
  4. Legal and Forensic Issues - Ethical issues in forensic CAP
  5. State and Federal Resources - State and federal legal aspects of CAP
  6. Research and Other Scholarly Activities - Ethical issues in CAP research and other scholarly activities
  7. Related Ethics Links - Internet and journal resources

This website content is meant to be educational and should not be considered clinical advice or standard of care. Each clinical, educational, research and administrative situation is unique; and, each state has different rules and regulations governing medical practice.